Dress Code & General Policies

Storm cancellation policy:

Should school be cancelled due to inclement weather on the day of your dance class (or prior to it, in case of Saturday), please check the Announcement page of our website, FaceBook page, or Twitter, as well as the CBC Storm Centre.

Required Dress Code for Classes:

Why dress code?
An excellent answer to this question can be found here.
  • Tiny Ballet Stars: Pink or purple leotard (short sleeve) with attached or matching skirt, pink full sole ballet shoes, and pink footed tights.
  • Junior I Ballet: Lavender leotard, black skirt (unattached),  pink leather or canvas ballet slippers, classic pink footed tights.
  • Junior II Ballet. (9-13yrs.): Light blue leotard, black wrap skirt (unattached), pink leather or canvas ballet slippers, classic pink convertible tights.
  •  Junior III and Int/Advanced Ballet (13+ yrs.): Black Classic leotard in thin strap, tank, or 3/4 sleeve style. No criss crossing straps, or cutouts on back, and no visible sports bra. Black wrap skirt (short style, above the knees). Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers, classic pink convertible tights.
  • Jazz (All levels): Black Capri pants or shorts, solid black leotard, tan or black leather jazz shoes, beige tights. Hair in ponytail completely off face and neck.
  •  Tap (all levels): Black or tan low heeled tap shoes, black leotard, and beige tights. Hair needs to be up in a ponytail.
  • Lyrical: Leotard (any colour), beige tights, black shorts or capri pants OR skirt, jazz shoes or bare feet. Hair completely off of face.
  • Acro: Boycut unitard, or Black tank bodysuit with black shorts, footless beige tights. Absolutely no loose clothing or bra tops. Hair must be slicked back and away from face in either low ponytail or French braids.
Hair:  Please note that students who do not have their hair up will be asked to fix their hair according to the studio policy in order to participate in class. If they are unable to do so in class, an email will be sent home to remind parents that this is for the safety of the students. Stray hairs cause distraction and impede visuals in class and could result in injury. We ask that everyone respect this rule.
  • Tiny Stars: Ponytail or bun completely off face and neck.
  • Junior I Ballet & up: A bun is required: Slick back your hair (with water if needed) into a ponytail. Wrap hair into bun with pins. Secure with sheer hair net and more pins. No stray hairs and minimal bangs.
  • Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Acro: Ponytail, bun or french braids. Absolutely no stray hairs.

Please note that hair MUST be in a bun for all ballet classes. Not sure how to make a ballet bun? Click here: How to Make a Ballet Bun

  • Hair must be neat and off the face at ALL TIMES.
  • No jewelry other than stud earrings permitted in any class.
  • Criss cross backs and rhinestones are not permitted in any ballet class.

Please be sure that your child has the proper attire by the first class of the session.

  • Tiny Stars and Junior I Ballet: white T-shirt, navy or black cotton shorts or leggings. White ankle socks, white ballet slippers with elastic across the instep.
  • Junior II Ballet and up: White T-shirt, black leggings, white ankle socks, and white ballet slippers with elastic across the instep.
  • Jazz/Tap: black or white T- shirt, black jazz pants (track pants or wide bottom styles are not allowed), black or tan jazz shoes.
  • Lyrical: T-shirt, black jazz pants (track pants or wide bottom styles are not allowed), jazz shoes or bare feet.
  • Acro: Tight fitting white or black T-shirt, tight fitting black shorts or pants, bare feet. Clothing must not be loose enough to fall away from body during bends and tricks.
  • Sweatshirts and Baggy T-shirts are acceptable within reason, sweatpants or track pants.
  • Clean non-marking running Shoes (or indoor shoes).
  • No Jeans or Jean shorts.

Adult Ballet:

  • Students must wear workout clothing (non-revealing). Yoga/jazz pants or capris may be worn. Ballet slippers or socks.

Wondering where to buy your dance wear? Please visit Dance wear and Pop Up Shops for all of your class requirements.