How Do Injuries Happen?

How Do Injuries Happen?


Injured! Every dancer hates that word because it means you cannot be doing what you love to the best of your ability. So what is an injury and how do they happen?

What is an injury?

An injury is damage to your body, which can be caused by many things such as an accident, hit, or fall. Not all injuries are preventable but the thing with sports is lots of injuries can be prevented. How?? you ask. The simplest way to prevent injury is warming up.

Getting a proper warm up before dance class or performance is vital to making sure that your muscles, tendons, and ligaments are ready to support you for class. It is also importance to know that injuries can be from an accumulation of events. This means that you could do multiple things throughout the day that lead to your injury, and each one of these alone might not cause an injury but in combination with one another BAM … injuries occur.
Moral of the story; warm up for all activities that you do in your day. Yes this includes dance, but also things like your pick up baseball game, gym class, or cross country running. Take care of your body, you only get one!


For more information and a good warm-up/conditioning workout see Prehab – what’s the word on injury prevention and Prehab 1 – Workout.