Re-Think Your Drink

Re-Think Your Drink:

It is important for all dancers to take in enough energy to meet the demand of training. Consuming the right amount and types of nutrients is essential to provide your body with fuel to achieve optimal training benefits and a healthy lifestyle.

 What should you drink?

Sugary drinks contain extra calories that provide little nutrients and can lead to weight gain and tooth decay. These drinks can also result in you not taking in nutrients you need from drinking other drinks such as milk. Therefore water is the best drink to reach for, not saying that you cannot drink other drinks from time to time, but water is your friend!

What is a Sugary Drink?

Soda, fruit drinks, coffee drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and sweetened teas are just a few types of drinks that contain sugar. Below is a picture that shows a rough amount of sugar in each drink.


*1 package = 3 grams of sugar.

 How to make smarter drink choices:

  • When you are thirsty, think water first.
  • Drink 100% juice in limited amounts or mix it with water.
  • When you are eating out drink water – it is free J
  • Choose unsweetened coffee or tea – and then sweeten it yourself, you can then control the sugar.
  • Cut your portion size from large to small and make up the difference with water.
  • If you like flavor you can add berries, mint leaves or lemon to your water to add a burst of flavor.