Tuition and Registration:
  • Online registration and tuition payments are available through our DanceStudio-Pro account. Please click the blue “Register Here” button to take you to the page.
  • A $10 first time registration fee will apply ($5.00 for second child, third child is free). This is to ensure your enrollment and cover administration fees associated with class registrations. *Fee applies to each semester of enrolments.
  • Please be sure to enter your student’s true date of birth, as this will effect the available classes in your personal registration list.
  • To make a payment by INTERAC Email Money Transfer (full tuition payment only) please direct payment to Please also send a second email with student name and class and password to accept payment.
    • Use your Credit Card or PayPal account for secure transaction.
    • Note, you do not need to have/open a PayPal account to make payments using your Credit Card.
    • For class tuition of more then 2 children and multiple class mix – please inquire.
    • 15% HST tax is added at the time of checkout, except for Tuition Payment Plan (included).
    • Dance Stars Academy does not store or process your credit card information. Payment is processed via secure PayPal/Stripe service.
    • The Recital Costume Rental Fee is included in the tuition amount for each semester. ($25 each)

    Why Recital Costume Rental Fee? 

    There are many views on recital costumes, and here is ours:

    Recitals and shows are very special performance events for your child. Recital dance performances requires a costume; otherwise it would be a mere demonstration… For the same reason virtually every public facing discipline or activity has  formal wear that compliments the action at its best.

    Costume cost consists of two components the Price and the Handling effort. The Price consists of the following: sale price ($60-$90) plus taxes, shipping, import duties, custom broker fees, and replacement parts for costumes damaged during  use. The Effort cost includes the following: measuring each student, selection, sourcing and ordering the dance appropriate type of costume, handling of costumes (on average each costume is handled 6-7 times per semester), matching accessories, fitting, repairing, adjusting, distributing and collecting, washing, cleaning, storing, labeling, and ironing.

    Costumes are selected for a specific recital theme. They have limited use outside of the show. For that reason, we do not sell or charge our students the full cost of the costume. We charge a Rental Fee, which we hope will help us offset the total cost involved, and will enable us to make this event a true celebration for your child year after year.

    If you have any questions or need more information please email us at

Tuition Payment Policy:
  • Tuition payment is due before the first class. A late fee of $25 will be added for payments not received. Spots are held for students which can result in waiting lists or students unable to attend do to held spots.
  • Additional family members receive 10% discount.
  • There is no pro-rated tuition for students who enter late into the session.
  • Tuition is not transferable to another session.
  • Please note: If paying by post dated cheque, all cheques must be dated for the 1st date of the payment month, otherwise a $25 administration fee will be added to tuition.
  • There is a $42.50 fee for cancelled or NSF cheques (Scotia Bank rate).
  • Administration fee of $25 will be added to an account with late payment.
  • Make cheques payable to Dance Stars Academy.
  • Submit payment in the envelope with student’s first and last name, class name and day/time.
  • If paying by cash, please submit the exact amount in an envelope with student’s first and last name, class name and day/time. Instructors cannot give change.

Payment Option:

  • By enrolling in the class students/parents commit to paying full semester tuition. Why?
  • For your convenience we offer several payment options.
  • Option 1: Full tuition payment by checque, cash or credit card or etransfer. Due before the 1st class. Credit Card payments are only accepted online upon enrollment.
  • Option 2: Four equal payments paid by four postdated cheques. Four cheques must be submitted before the first class. Cheques must be postdated with the day of the first class, and the 1st of each subsequent month.
  • Option 3: Signup for  autopay in our registration system. Either PayPal or Credit card payments will be accepted.

JumpStart scholarship recipients:

  • JumpStart scholarship application and funding process takes 6-10 weeks
  • To avoid late payment charges, all applicants must notify us about pending application before the first class
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify us in a timely manner when scholarship is approved.

NOTE 1: Financial assistance link: Canadian Tire JumpStart™ program helps kids in need to participate in organized sports and recreation. Our dance classes are qualified as recreational activity under this program. For more information and apply online please follow this link: JumpStart.

Refund Policy:

  • Withdrawal notifications must be made in writing to the following email:
  • A 75% refund is given if a student withdraws within 24 hours after the first class.
  • No refunds will be given after this time except in the case of a physician-verified illness. Why?